AlisVet’s Medical Record
Sets a New Standard

AlisVet and LifeLearn
Ottawa, Canada – December 6, 2010
Embedded Online Education Library

Says Howard Shweiger, BSc, DVM, and CEO of InformaVet Inc.,“As a fellow veterinarian, I developed Alisvet software to help support the veterinary profession in its mission to effectively care for and enhance the health of its patients. Understanding that client education and communication are two critical components of this objective, working with our colleagues at LifeLearn we have seamlessly and successfully integrated LifeLearn’s acclaimed online education library directly into AlisVet’s powerful medical record. Testament to our medical record-centric reputation, with Alisvet, veterinarians can now quickly and easily locate, print, and (or) email any selected article without ever having to log out of their medical record.”



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