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London, Canada – January, 2013
Philip Wiebe, B.A. (Hon.), B.Sc., VPA., VMI.

Amid the flurry of concern surrounding the recent economic effects on veterinary medicine, veterinarians have had to keep a closer eye on their bottom line, and improve patient compliance.  The recent economic downturn has affected the basic “bread and butter” revenue stream of veterinary medicine, specifically annual medical examination and vaccination programs.  With a constant barrage of information available over the web, pet owners are questioning the validity of even basic “bread and butter” programs.  “Are annual vaccines necessary?” is just one of many questions being posed to veterinarians.

“Bread and Butter” An efficient reminder system, providing information on value added services, has become critical to maintain the bottom line of veterinary practices.  AAHA benchmark data estimates that 35% of all revenue generated in an average practice is a direct result of compliance to the “bread and butter” services consisting of annual medical examinations and vaccines.  When focusing on the development of other programs and profit centers in practices, veterinarians and managers alike must be careful to not lose sight of their “bread and butter” services.

Compliance Rating National averages suggest a compliance rate of only 20 – 35% on first reminders for annual exams and vaccines, while the veterinary hospital owner’s perception incorrectly over-estimates compliance at 70%.  When asked, hospital owners believe cost is the primary barrier to compliance, but when pet owners are surveyed, they state they had not remembered or not known of the recommendations.

Reminder Systems We have taken this into consideration in the design of AlisVet’s reminder system.  Leveraging multiple forms of communication, including letters, postcards, labels, phone lists, on screen reminder systems, repeating or multi reminder systems, appointment reminders, all deployed via integrated push email technology, AlisVet can internally, automatically, and seamlessly produce, deploy, and calculate your compliance rating on multiple forms of reminders.  With AlisVet at your side, you will know exactly what effect your reminder system has on your patient compliance to your annual exam programs.  AlisVet’s fully integrated word processor means you don’t have to be a computer geek to deploy an effective and comprehensive reminder program.  Properly leveraging the reminder systems in AlisVet has been documented to increase compliance from 35% to 80 – 85%.

Additional Compliance In addition to growing your bread and butter programs, AlisVet also works behind the scenes to increase patient compliance to medical recommendations made during the course of a medical exam.  Based upon user defined sets of rules, AlisVet can automatically enter a medical recommendation for a service, such as an oral prophy, into a compliance table, create a reminder, generate client education, and track the patient’s compliance; all from the medical record itself.

Grow your bottom line Growing your bottom line means improving your compliance rating for your bread and butter programs of annual medical exam and vaccine services, as well as additional medical programs, such as oral prophies and geriatric services.  Whether you choose to market bundled services or follow a more traditional approach, AlisVet will provide you with the tools you need, while automatically tracking your compliance, so you can achieve your goals.

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