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On the Same Page

Depth, Support, and Value Over the years AlisVet has forged a series of partnerships with a number of world class organizations that not only share our commitment and dedication to the veterinary community, but who also importantly share our values. We are proud to highlight our association by including the names of each company and links to their individual websites.


Point of care diagnostic systems for veterinarian practices

ANTECH Diagnostics Online

A veterinary diagnostics laboratory dedicated to the field of veterinary medicine

Heska Lab Systems

An organization created by veterinarians for veterinarians in companion animal health

Scil Animal Care Company

Produces the scil Vet Hematology analyzer for the veterinary profession

CVO – The College of
Veterinarians of Ontario

An organization that regulates the practice of veterinarian medicine across Ontario


An organization that focuses on promoting high quality standards for animal medicine

ThinkPets Reminders

A pro-veterinarian consumer magazine, with a practice-customized cover wrap featuring personalized client/pet information. HealthyPet Magazine reminders reinvented veterinary communications and now reach more than three million pet households.


An educational publisher and interactive digital media developer


A supplier of websites, software, and communications systems for the veterinarian profession

PetPortals / Vetstreet

Online communications company for the veterinary discipline

IDEXX Laboratories &
IDEXX VetConnect

IDEXX VetConnect® helps veterinary practices deliver the highest possible quality of care by providing timely IDEXX Reference Laboratory services online.

Vet Novations Canada

Providing the veterinary community with technologically advanced products that adapt easily to a variety of practice styles and situations.

X-Charge / Integrated Credit Card Processing w/ AlisVet

Eliminate Standalone credit card terminals and free up phone lines by processing credit cards directly through ALIS-Vet and your Internet connection. Complete payment integration gets customers in and out the door quicker and eliminates the need to match up sales transactions at the end of the day.
X-Charge Website

For more info please contact: 888-414-7007