Software Support

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Umbilical Cord Remains Intact With AlisVet, ongoing support is customized and provided one-on-one, and available via phone with remote control sessions direct to a work station. Given our high standards of remote support we required that our clients’ server and all work stations are configured for remote access. In conjunction with the provision of a wide range of multi-media videos that contain additional information on events and features, our ongoing support provides indexed and searchable training manuals readily available for online access.

Always Tuned In Questions and requests for feature enhancements may be sent to us directly from your AlisVet software. With AlisVet’s built-in Push Email capability, an electronic message can be generated seamlessly, providing us with the exact information we need about your current version and operating system. With the resulting client-specific information, we are able to provide you with a response tailored to your experience. To ensure that the AlisVet team is aware of any issues that may be affecting our customers, the email is automatically directed to each AlisVet staff member.

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