AlisVet Training

Tech Telepathy

A Valued Blend of Educational and Training Support AlisVet training is provided for every individual owner and (or) manager in order that they may customize AlisVet according to the particular needs of their practice. Training is conducted with the help of a combination of manuals, multi-media educational tools including videos for ongoing review (especially effective when adding new members to your staff), and one-on-one guidance from our skilled educators.

Configured Exclusively for You Staff training is supported by specifically designed AlisVet training programs built according to the unique needs of your practice; and in order to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and maximum performance of your new AlisVet system, interviews are conducted with all users before a given training program begins.

Designed for Maximum Absorption AlisVet’s customized training sessions and multi-media tools are kept to a shorter, more manageable time frame; and whenever possible conducted on a remote basis to maintain the attention span of participants and to maximize the learning experience. Our remote training strategy allows for the implementation of a series of shorter and more beneficial training sessions that can be advantageously extended over a longer period of time.

Your Practice. Your Policies. AlisVet training also encompasses the specific policies of your individual practice so that we may reinforce your policies throughout the training process. This methodology is also valued for re-training staff at any time on a series of proprietary policies, issues, and procedures.