Backup Security I*

Main Pillars

Nothing Can Eclipse Patient Privacy Protection To be fully trustworthy, your medical record software must also include a superior backup system. The AlisVet approach consists of 5-tiers geared to protecting and securing your data.

Sonia Pearson, DVM, Space Coast Veterinary Hospital, FL, says: “Four years ago (2008) lightening took out our server and the two internal hard drives we were counting on for backup.  At the time we didn't have any other form of backup for our AlisVet data.  We were down for six weeks while our hard drives were sent to Seagate in Canada for retrieval of the previous five years worth of data.  The total cost for such a disaster was in excess of $13,000.00.  After that experience we chose to retain AlisVet for off-site data storage.  Recently, a similar situation occurred.  We were able to recover our backup through AlisVet and were fully operational again within 24 hours.  It would have been immediate but for the fact we had to wait on an overnight delivery of two new hard drives.”

AlisVet Tier 1: Secure Server Environment

Vigilant to Human Error Implementing a secure server environment reduces the main cause of data compromise and loss: human error

AlisVet Tier 2: Live Backup

You Stay Connected While you are working, AlisVet automates a live backup of your data. There is no need to shut down your system or disconnect from your server to undertake a backup.

AlisVet Tier 3: Log File

Senses Every Touch After every backup, AlisVet maintains a log file that records every one of your practice’s keystroke entries to your database. AlisVet can therefore recover your database with precise accuracy at any time.

AlisVet Tier 4: Off-site Storage

The Vault As an additional measure, AlisVet also directs backups to a secure off-site location through the use of 256bit encryption.

AlisVet Tier 5: Optional Backup Failure Notification

In a Time Called Now AlisVet’s proprietary Email Push Technology immediately notifies us and you that a backup has failed. Through this additional backup measure, AlisVet technicians are instantly alerted and engaged on your behalf to rectify any potential backup failure issues long before any problem gets out of hand.



Backup Security II*

Supportive Columns

Extended Backup Maintenance

30 Day Recovery AlisVet automatically maintains 30 days of backups that will allow you to recover any data and restore your database within that time period.

Backups via Algorithm

Lower Bandwidth. Enhanced Performance AlisVet also gives you the ability to specifically backup changes made to your database via the Internet. The net benefit: significantly lowers your bandwidth thereby enhancing the performance of your network, and assures rapid backups.

Backup Anywhere

Up and Running in Minutes In the case of total server crash, AlisVet allows you to recover your backup to any machine so that you can be up and running within 30 minutes.

To Alternate Folders

Restoration Destination on Standby AlisVet ensures that you are never at risk of accidentally deleting your real data when you restore your backup for testing purposes. AlisVet’s proprietary backup recovery system will automatically restore the backup to a new folder named in a completely different manner than the original file.

Secure Database

Lock Down Encryption Backing up only the changes via the Internet through 256bit encryption means that your precious data are consistently protected. Fully compliant with HIPAA privacy regulations, AlisVet implements a business class database that secures your data.

Local Database Management

Your Space. Your Time. Your Way. With AlisVet you’re never at the mercy of often fickle Internet connectivity. Whether the Internet is up and running or down for any period of time, AlisVet is constantly running uninterrupted through your server and your network. Because of AlisVet’s local database management, you’re always in control of your data and your destiny.

*NOTE: some backup features are optional and extra charges may apply.