Data Conversions

You’ve Been Converted

Customized and Tailored to You

Recognizing that your data are the lifeblood of your practice, AlisVet’s data conversions are totally customized and managed for each veterinary practice on an individual basis; converting client, patient history, reminders, and service and drug codes whenever possible. Working with the most respected data conversion organization in the US, AlisVet’s history is one of seamlessly and successfully converting all major software packages, including relatively unknown and (or) obscure software. We believe that software conversion is critical for all veterinary practices, and should be undertaken whenever possible.

You’ll Call it a Walk in the Park

When it comes to the marketing of your practice, software conversion allows AlisVet’s powerful query engine to generate accurate information, including your historical data. All history is converted and searchable from the AlisVet query engine. Moreover, AlisVet can filter and remove old data, and help your practice clean out, organize, and streamline its entire database. With unfortunate stories of nightmarish data conversions that have been experienced by some in the veterinary profession over the years, we are pleased and proud to report that our clients tell us that with AlisVet their data were even better and more accessible than in the original software.