Top-Line FAQs

Never Ever Relinquish Control

The Evolution of Vet’s Pets, and Paper While there are still a number of veterinary practices that have yet to adopt “paperless” medical records, we are pleased to note that AlisVet’s clients continue to realize the benefits of the AlisVet solution.

Tearless and Stainless – Unscathed Data Maintaining data records in a secure computerized backup system with an alternate computer location gives you the opportunity to be backed up and running should you experience the hazards of fire and water damage.

Proprietary Means Privacy – You Hold the Key Your data are maintained in a proprietary format on the server and cannot be accessed without the AlisVet interface.

At the Ready – Alert and Vigilant AlisVet’s advanced V825 backup feature immediately alerts the AlisVet technical support team via email should you experience any backup failures, and sends a notification that informs tech support if there has not been a data backup within a 48 hour period. AlisVet also provides an optional off-site backup plan that operates in tandem with our backup failure notification.

Out from “Under the Clouds” – Non-Internet Dependent As you may be aware, there are some software packages currently available in the marketplace that are wholly cloud-based (Internet-bound). While this practice may be acceptable for basic software processes such as word processing and potentially accounting tasks, we feel the disadvantages of Internet dependency far outweigh the touted advantages. With AlisVet your data are solely under your control – not in jeopardy in the face of Internet connectivity failure that is unfortunately so common. With AlisVet your practice continues to move forward while others have ground to a halt.

Constant Contact Minus the Paper Cuts With AlisVet’s EES (Embedded Engram System), its template capabilities, automatic reminders, and next steps rolled into easy click-and-touch action, your core medical record data allow you to easily and quickly initiate specific searches and client communiqués so you can stay close to your clients. Net benefit: a wide range of marketing opportunities and enhanced care for your patients.