AlisVet Features

Virtually from A to Z

Appointment Scheduling

  • Fully integrated with clients and patients
  • Multi-vet, multi-room drag and drop
  • View by date, rooms, vets, single vet, and appointment type
  • Colour coded and defined by user
  • Direct access to appointments from the medical record – client, patient, and reminders
  • Virtual blocking slots by vet or room

Archiving & Purging Capabilities

  • Records can be printed and saved to disk as a text file before
    purging and retrieval at a later date
  • Optional batch purging of all records related to inactive clients if > 5-7 years.

Archival definitions include:

  • Client groups
  • Patient groups
  • Invoice/Discount groups
  • Purchase groups
  • Individual clients and patients

Attach Images and Documents:

  • AlisVet gives you the ability to attach any document or image to the patient’s history for rapid access directly from the medical record
  • Any format is supported, including avi, bmp, dcm (DICOM), doc, jpg, jpeg, mpg, mpeg, mov, pdf, tif, wmv, and more

Boarding Functions

  • AlisVet will give you user-definable Boarding Occupancy by cage type
  • Set up boarding availability by cage type/size
  • Allows for overbooking as well as a provision for two patients in a cage

Estimates (Health Plans):

  • Create and categorize health plans with Hi/Low Quantity/Price ranges
  • Easily create, modify, or use the health plan from within an open medical record
  • Print a personalized health plan
  • Stored or converted health plans are archived
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Owner/Co-owner Information

  • Tracks number of referrals
  • Displays client financial history and revenue spending analysis
  • Tracks post-dated cheques
  • Tracks discount groups (and) or coupons
  • Provides quick-search by client phone number, last name, co-owner, file number, and performs a custom search
  • Allows for automatic discounting to be set up for clients and (or) patients based on percentages and (or) a five-level system for groups including senior citizens, staff, wellness plan, fraternal, law enforcement, as well as coupon tracking

Detailed Logs

  • Anesthetic/Surgery
  • Radiology
  • Laboratory
  • Dentistry
  • Control drugs

General Records/Treatment:

  • Easy point-and-click type free method of creating structured, complete, and superior medical records
  • Accurately records every aspect of a patient’s visit right down to the most minute detail
  • Flags the patient’s reason for visit as “written” in the appointment by your front desk staff, and makes it available to you in the examination room
  • All SOAP and other exam functions reduced down to mere point-and-click
  • Complex paragraphs and procedure summaries are digitally stored for easy retrieval
  • Rx dosing is automated, and procedures are automatically transferred to the client invoice
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History Records:

  • Computerized medical records including Master Problem Lists, SOAP, POMR, and a systemic approach that uses lists/sub-lists with point-and-click EES List System
  • Prescription labels automatically generated from a patient’s history
  • Continuous medical record per visit/hospitalization with Case Number and Reason for Visit
  • Automatic linked and manual reminders with a history entry
  • Patient’s history records listed by Exam/Waiting Room, Hospital, Boarding, Lab/Pick-up, Meds, Grooming, and Follow-up lists
  • Customizable user-defined searches using AlisVet’s powerful Query Editor with saved search definitions
  • Quick searches on Master Problem Lists

Information (Medical/Educational) Management

  • Computerized library with keyword searches
  • Dose calculator
  • Veterinarian information including digitized signature
  • Customizable Master Problem Lists
  • Integrated label writer

Inventory Management

  • Expiring drug tracking with start-up alerts
  • On-hand and warning levels
  • Unlimited number of vendors per item
  • Reports printed by vendor, inventory, and price lists
  • Low stock tracking and purchase order
  • Year-end inventory reports
  • Real-time live inventory adjusted for active (open) records

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Lab Capture Module (Optional)

    External lab results XML capture to AlisVet
  • ABAXIS Interface
    Abaxis VetScan (VS2)
    Abaxis VetScan (HM2)
    Hematology – HM5 / HM5c
    Coagulation – VSPro
  • HESKA Interface
    Heska CBC – Diff
    DRI-CHEM 4000 Chemistry Analyzer
    HemaTrue Hematology Analyzer
    DRI-CHEM 7000 Chemistry Analyzer
    VitalPath Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer
  • IDEXX Interface
    IDEXX VetTest
    IDEXX VetLyte
    IDEXX LaserCyte
    IDEXX QBC VetAutoRead
    IDEXX VetConnect
    IDEXX VetLab Station
    IDEXX Interlink
    Catalyst Dx
    SNAPshot Dx
    Coag Dx
    IDEXX VetLab UA

Patient Management

  • Master Problem List with create and resolve date (with visual indicators)
  • Complete patient information including pet picture capture
  • Date of birth direct entry or estimate by weeks, months, or years
  • Complete user-defined breed list related to species selected
  • Detailed patient history and graphical entries
  • On-screen visual indication of “Overdue” or “Soon Due” for patients
  • Tracking of current Rabies tags including all previous tags
  • Change of owner
  • Transfer of patient history records
  • Built-in Health, Spay/Neuter, Dental Charts, Hospitalization, Surgery, Boarding, and Euthanasia Authorization forms and (or) certificates
  • Provides quick-search by patient number, current tag, previous tag, master problem, tattoo number, pet chip ID, and custom search

Patient Medical Compliance (PMC)

  • The PMC function is driven by AlisVet’s proprietary embedded engram system (EES), allowing you to set up an automated or manual compliance measurement system
  • The AlisVet PMC function allows for compliancy tracking over any given period for individual patients or for a more “global” analysis, and will help you increase your clients’ compliance for recommended or required procedures

Point of Sale

  • All invoice/return lines entered by a “by-pass codeless” on-screen list and (or) sub-lists
  • Invoicing by client or quick walk-in cash sale
  • Automatic inventory management
  • Reminders, upcoming appointments, and linked notes print or invoice
  • Automated Multiple-Level Discount Levels, and manual discount
  • Split-payment for any number of payment methods
  • Invoice lines tracked by veterinarian and (or) support staff
  • Non-medical notes (multi-user mail) can be attached to invoices
  • End of day reports as “full day” or “split day”, and sorted by payment method
  • Sale summary reports for any period by date, pay method, doctor, type of transaction, and Sales Journal
  • Bank deposits with credit card discounts if applicable
  • Sales Journal export (Text, Sylk, Diff)
  • Purchase entry by vendor with viewing previous costs and mark ups, and allows for immediate new price entry
  • Minimum charges, pharmacy, and add-on charges supported
  • Batch invoices
  • Print by staff ID
  • Advance Invoice Date
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  • AlisVet gives you automated Rx Medication Dosing calculated by current patient weight with standard one-line and (or) multi-line custom prescription templates
  • Drug reactions can be archived for each patient
  • Drug Interactions are supported
  • Track Repeat Meds

Professional Referrals

  • AlisVet allows “Referred by” or “Referred to” tagged to any medical record
  • Referrals can also be based on the referring hospital or any number of veterinarian references
  • Print referral letters (procedures administered and results) using AlisVet’s integrated word processor
  • Print letters for “Open” or “Closed” medical record, or batch print letters for all closed medical records over a given period


  • Four levels of long-term reminders for due and overdue
  • Tracks reminder compliance
  • Overdue short-term reminders will prompt the user at start-up
  • Automatically generated thank-you letters for client referrals
  • Call-backs (alerted at start-up)
  • Post-dated cheques (alerted at start-up)

Reports – View and Print for Any Period

  • Total clients, patients, medical records, transactions, and (or) codes
  • Total by species with percent
  • All clients vs. new clients and percent
  • All patients vs. new patients and percent
  • The reasons cited by clients for patronizing your practice
  • Financial transactions by period (total, min/max, average)
  • Percent of patients vaccinated, surgeries, lab, rads, dentals

Revenue Analysis and Statistics

  • AlisVet allows you to generate revenue reports by profit centre (user-defined) for veterinarian transactions and (or) cash sales

Value Graphing

  • AlisVet’s Categorized Charting System will graph values for patients by date and time for any value including Glucose Curve, BUN, Weight, etc.
  • Notes can be added manually or from AlisVet’s built-in information library, and then added to your client handouts or instruction sheets

White Board – Digital

  • Daily Treatment Scheduling for hospitalized patients with automatic updating of medical information and charges for treatment
  • List daily scheduled treatments via rapid on-screen entry
  • Create and duplicate treatment days with quantity and frequency of treatment and instructions over a several day period
  • Daily treatment screen (Digital Whiteboard) allows the user to enter initials for completed treatments with auto-transfer to invoice

Word Processor – Built In

  • AlisVet has a fully integrated word processor, so there is no need to export to MS Word ® or WordPerfect ®